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Bio-Circle parts washer

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The Bio-Circle™ is comfortable to use and ecofriendly, and it offers the optimal solution to any cleaning requirement.

It is easy to use; even heavily contaminated parts are cleaned in a fast, secure and eco-friendly way; the VOCfree liquid has a very long lifetime; the BIO-CIRCLE cost-effectiveness cannot be beaten.

The BIO-CIRCLE runs without solvents and helps you meet the high requirements of the currently effective solvent regulation* (Germany: 31. BImSchV [31st Federal Immission Control Regulation], Austria: VOC-Anlagen-Verordnung [VOC Plant Regulation] – VAV). Replace your cold cleaner parts washer with the BIO-CIRCLE and make an active contribution towards increasing occupational safety for your staff, and towards protecting the environment.

Bio-Circle Clean Box
Bio-Circle Clean Box

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The Clean Box is the ideal box for mobile cleaning, degreasing, derusting, soaking, pre-cleaning, and much more.

The Clean Box can be used flexibly as an immersion box, transport box or for draining. Tdeal bio-chem products for the Clean Box are CB 100, GS 200 and BIO-RUST. The Clean Box is robust and has designed for practical mobile use of water-based acidic and also alkaline bio-chem cleaners. The Box consists of the immersion box, the lid and the immersion basket. By performing a 180° turn the immersion basket can be stacked on the inner edges.

The cleaning agent is available for further applications
Guarantees clean and economical handling
Can be closed with the functional lid
Clean Box Mobil with a trolley ensures effortless transport
ergonomic handles
For use in the food industry


Easy to handle, mobile, stackable
Can be used flexibly
With minimum space requirements
Immersion box for draining
Clean and economical


Fill the Clean Box with the desired cleaning agent from the bio-chem product range, put the soiled part in the immersion basket, dip it with the immersion basket in the cleaning agent and let it soak. Upon completion of the soaking process lift the immersion box, perform a 180° turn and position it on the inner edges . Liquid residues will drip off, and then the thus pre-dried parts are taken out.


Clean Box Flow

Clean Box Flow

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The Clean Box Flow is a flexible cleaning system. With the mobile trolley, the Clean Box Flow can be driven anywhere the parts needed to clean.
The battery-powered pump and the washing brush for easy cleaning. The cleaning media is filtered and has a longer useful life with the filter design in the washing area.
The Clean Box Flow is robust and practical using bio-chem cleaners.

. manual cleaning with washing brush
. mobile trolley
. Battery plus charger included
. Space to put jerrycans or workpieces
. Cleaning agent CB 100, CB 100 and CB 100 F Alu

Our tips:

Degreasing with CB 100
Removal of special fats and waxes with GS 200
Removal of old paint and varnish with GS 200
Neutral rust removal with BIO-RUST
Dewatering with OMNI
Limescale removal with Limescale-Barracuda
Rinse after cleaning
Rinse with corrosion protection for aqueous systems

H00044 Shelved trolley, incl. Washing brush, pump and battery
H00045 Trolley, incl. Washing brush, pump and battery


Hot-Water parts washer
Hot-Water parts washer

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Sturdy, fully automatic cleaning device for one-step cleaning
and degreasing of small parts

A maintenance-friendly high-pressure spray system, equipped with a special nozzle system, provides for thorough cleaning and degreasing of tools and other parts. Due to the powered rotating rack and the spray pressure the biochem cleaners in the hot-water parts washer have an optimal effect on the items to be cleaned.

Tank with an inclined bottom for fast emptying of the basin
adjustable thermostat (up to 90° C)
machine body, rack element, filter and spray system, and wiring cabinet made from stainless steel
power-actuated rotating rack
timer-controlled cleaning time
aprotect switch prevents the pump motor from working when the lid is open

Range of application

Water-based parts cleaning in maintenance, production, manufacturing, and the service industry


Pipe and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device
Pipe and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device

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Cleaning system for pipes, heat exchangers and coolers

Made completely from stainless steel, the bio-chem Pipe- and Heat Exchanger Cleaning Device has been specifically designed for the cleaning and rinsing of contaminated pipes, heat exchangers and coolers. If the cleaning medium bio chem Power Cleaner DB is employed, contaminations such as urine scale, limescale, and corrosion are effectively removed with simultaneous anti-bacterial effects. With the cleaning medium bio chem Smoke Resin Remover foamless or DB, greases, oils and oil residues can be eliminated reliably.

cool and warm mode (thermostat adjustable up to 90 °C – factory-set to an optimal 60 °C)
SS flow switch prevents the pump and heating from running dry
stainless steel filter protects the pump from solids
catch basin for hoses with a drain for easy emptying
easy handling – no dismantling of device components required
mobile – the device is mounted on a trolley and can thus be taken directly to the application


The innovative cleaning system. Ideal for commercial kitchens on ships and in the catering trade, and for the food industry. Wherever greases are processed, greasy exhaust air will form, which is then sucked through the exhaust air ducts.

In these ducts the greases keep forming deposits on the walls. For hygiene and fire protection reasons these grease layers need to be removed at regular intervals. Moreover the greasy exhaust air causes unpleasant and malodorous smells.

VENT meets the requirements on state-of-the-art exhaust air technology, and
keeps the exhaust air ducts clean and free from smells and grease.
VENT operates on a biological basis. The medium is automatically sprayed into the
exhaust air ducts via a sturdy nozzle system. It can easily be integrated in new
and also in existing systems.

The advantages :

Any risk of a grease fire is virtually excluded.
Time and cost-consuming cleaning with highly corrosive chemicals
becomes obsolete.
Maintenance is reduced.
Fatty smells are minimized. Reduce issues of cockroaches & lizards.
A sturdy system with an innovative cleaning medium
Easy installation in new and also in existing systems

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