Stainless Steel Spray

Stainless Steel Spray
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Fast-drying anti-corrosion spray made from micro-fine stainless steel powder in combination with an innovative resin, provides a matt glow effect and durable corrosion protection on all steel parts. Easy to apply even to points that are difficult to access.

heat-resistant protection from corrosion and weather effects up to 300 °C
water-repellent and structural elastic for preservation and retouching
scratch-resistant, resistant to bending and impact-proof, highly resistant to acids, liquors and other aggressive environmental influences

Range of application

universally applicable in the private, commercial and industrial sector for all corrosion protection works in the industry, workshops and the building sector, garden and hobby


High Performance Anti Rust Wax

High Performance Anti Rust Wax

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This transparent long-term corrosion protection protects all metals from corrosion during open-air storage and transport. The highly flexible and dynamic protective film has excellent metal adherence properties, it is water-dispersing and seawater-resistant.

Corrosion tests:
– 240 h salt spray test on a bright steel plate
– film thickness approx. 10 g/m³ (one single application)

transparent protective film, non-adhesive, non-dust-laying
water-dispersing with excellent wetting properties
fast-drying protective film

Range of application

transport- and storage conservation for machines and machine parts, tools and devices of any kind

protects components from corrosion in wire EDM
can be applied in an immersion bath at 20 to 25 °C for the treatment of hollow bodies

Corrosion Protection for Aqueous Systems
Corrosion Protection for Aqueous Systems

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Foam-free corrosion inhibitor for the neutral and alkaline bio-chem cleaning agents, the biochem welding protection sprays, and for passivation baths and water treatment media. Contains 100 % active ingredients and effectively protects shiny iron- and steel surfaces from corrosion.

Free from mineral oil, nitrite, PTBB, and from secondary amines and phosphor compounds
Very economical – low application concentration

Range of application:

Particularly suited to substitute nitrite-containing anti-corrosion formulations in neutral and alkaline solutions.

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