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Micro-fine high-performance solid lubricant paste that deposits in fissured and porous sliding surfaces, thus protecting from corrosion, heat freeze and abrasion at temperatures of up to 1200 °C. The select inorganic solid lubricant combination, embedded in special synthetic oil, is resistant to cold and hot water, oil, benzine, and most acids and liquors. Abrasion-, flash-, and rinsing-proof, free from abrasives. Prevents friction corrosion, protects against fretting corrosion, avoids electrochemical corrosion. For more precise torques.

low coefficient of friction and excellent oxidation stability
protection even at extreme pressures of up to 200 N/mm2
contains no copper, nickel, lead, sulphur, halogens or silicone oil

Range of application

prevents bolts, hinges and bolted connections from metal-to-metal contact, and greases slow-running bearings on eccentric action machines, curved disks, chains and antifriction bearings
makes unfastening hot screws easier and in addition makes them reusable
protects welding nozzles from weld spatter
lubricates slow-running bearings and prevents surface abrasion on slow-running shafts


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